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Your Tuition Investment

At Kearny Christian Academy, we strongly believe a Christian education is invaluable. Our commitment and dedication in providing a high quality education at affordable rates to our students, ensures that their tuition is not an expense, but an investment.

At Kearny Christian Academy, your child receives a challenging Christ-centered curriculum taught by devoted teachers in small class sizes and each student receives the best of care and guidance from our entire faculty and staff. In these present times, it is critical that our children receive not just an academic education, but a moral one in order to become tomorrow’s leaders. Kearny Christian Academy seeks to fulfill Psalm 145:4-7, where one generation will declare His works to another.

Our friendly staff look forward to speaking with you about our academic program, and providing you with more details about tuition and fees.

Multiple Child Discounts

When you enroll multiple children at Kearny Christian Academy, we reward your trust by providing additional child discounts.

Tuition Assistance

On a case by case basis, Kearny Christian Academy provides tuition assistance in certain instances. Cases will be handled individually and discreetly based on personal and financial circumstances. Please visit to download an application. Please note we cannot guarantee tuition assistance. If there are any questions, please feel free to call our school office.

Additional Discounts

Additional discounts are available for members of City of Hope International Church, families serving in our military, and pastors serving in the role of senior pastor. Please call to inquire about eligibility requirements.

A transaction fee will apply for all credit card payments.